Opinions expressed are my own. I hope they are useful, but policies and procedures vary widely from one location and group to another.

What I describe may not work for you and may even be unsafe. Always follow your local policies and procedures!

Also, unless specifically mentioned, this site is about VHF/UHF operations and not HF, which is very often different for very good reasons.

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N5FDL/CEVOL Repeaters

Stockton: 147.210 + N5FDL and 444.500 + K6TRK Both PL 114.8 (linked)

Copperopolis/Gopher Ridge: 147.015 + and 444.400 + N5FDL UHF is Yaesu System Fusion analog and digital — tone on analog only

Mt. Oso: 146.895 - N5FDL and 443.825 + PL 107.2 (not linked)

Tracy: 444.850 + KB6EMK PL 127.3

Affiliated Repeaters

Bear Mtn.: 146.090 + and 444.250 + WB6ASU Both PL 114.8 (linked)

Mt. Delux: 145.210 - PL 100.0 WA6SEK (10mi S of Tracy)

All repeaters are open to all users.

Volunteer Examiners are always needed

The FCC requires three registered Volunteer Examiners participate in every examination session. Further, only Extra Class licensees can administer all three license examinations. Generals are only allowed to administer the Technician exam.

As a result, we always need additional Volunteer Examiners, especially those with Extra Class licenses.

Fortunately, becoming a VE is easy. Simply follow this link to the ARRL site and become an ARRL-affiliated Volunteer Examiner. A simple, open-book test is required.

Please tell us you are doing this so we can track your progress and add you to our Volunteer Examiner mailing list once you are accredited by the ARRL. We will begin sending you information about testing sessions where you can help license the next generation of Amateur Radio.

Questions? Contact us.