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ARRL Volunteer Examiner 

SJC1 - 147.210 + 114.8 Stockton (Stockton Pri)
SJC2 - 146.655 - 100.0 Tracy (County Pri)
SJC3 - 145.210 - 100.0 Tracy (County B/up)
SJC4 - 147.090 + 114.8 Lodi (North Pri)
SJC5 - 146.985 - 100.0 Manteca
SJC6 - 147.165 + 107.2 SDARC
SJC7 - 147.015 + 114.8 Copperopolis
SJC8 - 147.105 + 94.8 Stockton
SJC9 - 146.895 - 114.8 Mt. Oso - Disabled
SJC10 - 444.400 + 114.8 Copperopolis
SJC11 - 444.325 + 94.8 Stockton (Stockton Pri)
SJC12 - 443.825 + 107.2 Mt. Oso
SJC13 - 444.575 + 107.2 Stockton
SJC14 - 444.850 + 114.8 127.3 Tracy 
SJC15 - 444.500 + 114.8 Stockton
LLNL - 146.775 - 100.0 Livermore

TAC1 - 146.550

TAC3 - 146.535
TAC4 - 146.430
TAC6 - 156.565
TAC7 - 146.595
TAC8 - 146.445
All simplex

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N5FDL/CEVOL Repeaters

Stockton: 147.210 + N5FDL and 444.500 + K6TRK Both PL 114.8 (linked)

Copperopolis/Gopher Ridge: 147.015 + and 444.400 + N5FDL UHF is Yaesu System Fusion analog and digital — tone on analog only

Mt. Oso: 146.895 - N5FDL and 443.825 + PL 107.2 (not linked)

Tracy: 444.850 + KB6EMK PL 127.3

Affiliated Repeaters

Bear Mtn.: 146.090 + and 444.250 + WB6ASU Both PL 114.8 (linked)

Mt. Delux: 145.210 - PL 100.0 WA6SEK (10mi S of Tracy)

All repeaters are open to all users.

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New ICS Forms in Word Format!

The NIMS group at FEMA last week released a new set of ICS forms, but only in PDF format. I wrote a note complaining about the lack of Word-formatted forms and -whoosh! -received pre-release verisons that I am free to distribute. So here they are!

Download the new forms in Word format. (2.9 MB)

I ve also saved them as a Word template. (2.9 MB)

Here are the PDF forms, just in case you want them. (5.7 MB)


Here s the message I received:

Individual files of all of the forms in Word/pdf format are forthcoming but I cannot give you an exact timeframe for release. I have attached to this message a booklet of the forms in Word. Until we get the individual files posted users should be able to pull the ones they need out of there page-by-page. Feel free to distribute.



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Reader Comments (2)


I may be looking in the wrong place, BUT I can't find a link to the ICS files. The blog post doesn't link to any files. Are they posted on your site?


Dec 15, 2010 at 5:48PM | Unregistered CommenterGreg, KG6SJT

They have returned! Thanks for pointing out the problem.

Dec 15, 2010 at 5:58PM | Registered CommenterDavid Coursey, N5FDL
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