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Outside the county
ARRL Volunteer Examiner 

SJC1 - 147.210 + 114.8 Stockton (Stockton Pri)
SJC2 - 146.655 - 100.0 Tracy (County Pri)
SJC3 - 145.210 - 100.0 Tracy (County B/up)
SJC4 - 147.090 + 114.8 Lodi (North Pri)
SJC5 - 146.985 - 100.0 Manteca
SJC6 - 147.165 + 107.2 SDARC
SJC7 - 147.015 + 114.8 Copperopolis
SJC8 - 147.105 + 94.8 Stockton
SJC9 - 146.895 - 114.8 Mt. Oso - Disabled
SJC10 - 444.400 + 114.8 Copperopolis
SJC11 - 444.325 + 94.8 Stockton (Stockton Pri)
SJC12 - 443.825 + 107.2 Mt. Oso
SJC13 - 444.575 + 107.2 Stockton
SJC14 - 444.850 + 114.8 127.3 Tracy 
SJC15 - 444.500 + 114.8 Stockton
LLNL - 146.775 - 100.0 Livermore

TAC1 - 146.550

TAC3 - 146.535
TAC4 - 146.430
TAC6 - 156.565
TAC7 - 146.595
TAC8 - 146.445
All simplex
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N5FDL/CEVOL Repeaters

Stockton: 147.210 + N5FDL and 444.500 + K6TRK Both PL 114.8 (linked)

Copperopolis/Gopher Ridge: 147.015 + and 444.400 +  (not linked) N6GKJ 

Mt. Oso: 146.895 - N5FDL and 443.825 + PL 107.2 (not linked)

Tracy: 444.850 + KB6EMK PL 127.3

Affiliated Repeaters

Bear Mtn.: 146.090 + and 444.250 + WB6ASU Both PL 114.8 (linked)

Mt. Delux: 145.210 - PL 100.0 WA6SEK (10mi S of Tracy)

All repeaters are open to all users.

Amateur Radio in San Joaquin County

This page is intended to introduce Amateur Radio activities in San Joaquin County to new hams and newcomers. Send questions to David, N5FDL using the Contact Form on this site.

You can subscribe to Yahoo groups to receive information about club meetings, nets, training, etc.

Information on Amateur Radio training (HamCrams) and testing sessions can be found here.


The Manteca Amateur Radio Club meets at 7 p.m. on the first Thursday of every month (except December) at Manteca Fire Station 1, 290 S. Powers Ave. in Manteca. Talk-in is on the club repeater 146.985 - PL 100.0.

The Tracy Amateur Radio Club meets at 7 p.m. on the third Thursday of every month at Perko’s Restaurant, W. 11th St. at Lincoln Ave. in Tracy. Talk-in is on 146.655 - PL 100.0.

The Lodi Amateur Radio Club meets at 7 p.m. on the first Thursday of the month at various locations in Lodi. Visit their website for additional information.

The Stockton Delta Amateur Radio Club at 7:30 p.m. on the second Thursday of the month at the Bear Creek Community Church, 9945 Lower Sacramento Rd, Stockton CA. The church is located on Lower Sacramento Rd., 1/4 mile North of Eight Mile Rd.


There are several Amateur Radio nets in San Joaquin County, all of them welcome visitors and new members. New hams especially welcome.


Modesto Morning Traffic Net — One of Amateur Radio’s friendliest nets, this 7-8 a.m. M-F get-together is about traffic (as in cars, not messages), weather, and everyone getting started for the day. Hosted by Mark Lemmons, WB6BJN. Frequency: 145.390 - PL 136.5.


Manteca — The Manteca ARC net meets every Thursday at 7 p.m., except for the first Thursday of the month, when the in-person meeting is held. This net includes an airing of the ARRL Audio News or other Amateur Radio newscast. Everyone is welcome. Frequency: 146.985 - offset, PL 100.0.

Lodi — The Lodi Amateur Radio Club Net is on-air every Wednesday evening at 7:00 p.m. Frequency: 147.090 Mhz + offset, PL 114.8 Hz. A 10-meter net usually follows.

Stockton — Stockton-Delta Amateur Radio Club net meets Mondays at 7:30 p.m. on 147.165 + PL 107.2.

SpaceNet — Meets on Friday’s at 8 p.m. on 145.390 - PL 136.5. Topics include the latest news from the world’s manned and unmanned space programs, astronomy, weather, etc.

Tracy — The Tracy Amateur Radio Club net meets at 8 p.m. every Wednesday on 146.655 - PL 100.0. This repeater is linked to 146.775 - PL 100.0 0 in Livermore. Everyone is invited to participate.


6 Meters

These repeaters are not used a great deal.

51.800 - 136.5 WD6EJF Stanislaus ARA (SARA) Mt. Oso
51.940 - 114.8 K6GTO Modesto
52.900 - 114.8 KB6SJT Modesto

2 Meters

145.210 - 100.0 WA6SEK (Mt. Delux) This wide coverage repeater is located at 3,000 feet in the hills 10 miles South of Tracy. Often linked to an ad-hoc networked system managed by K6PKL.

145.350 - 100.0 AB6CR (Morgan Territory/Livermore) Located in the hills north of Livermore, this repeater, operated by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, has wide coverage of the Livermore Valley and some coverage in the Tracy/Stockton area.

145.390 - 136.5 WD6EJF (Mt. Oso) “SARA Repeater” This popular, wide coverage repeater is operated by the Stanislaus Amateur Radio Association. It is located at 3,200 feet atop Mt. Oso, which is the hill with radio antennas visibile South from Tracy and West from Modesto.

146.655 - 100.0 AB6CR (Site 300/Tracy) “Tracy Repeater” Located in the Altamont Hills, this repeater has wide coverage (to Sacramento) in the Central Valley and some coverage in the Livermore Valley. Operated by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, this repeater is usually linked to the 146.775 - PL 100.0 repeater in Livermore. Used as the Tracy ARC repeater.

146.895 - 114.8 N5FDL (Mt. Oso) Not widely used, will be replacd. Should be wide coverage, to be determined.

146.985 - 100.0 K6MAN (Manteca) “Manteca Repeater” Located on Manteca’s downtown water tower, this repeater offers local coverage in the Manteca area. Operated by the Manteca Amateur Radio Club.

147.015 + 82.5 N5FDL (Gopher Ridge) Located at 1500-feet on a ridge west of Copperopolis, this wide-coverage repeater works especially well to the south.

147.060 + 100.0 W6CX (Mt. Diablo) This very wide coverage repeater is operated by the Mount Diablo Amateur Radio Club.

147.090 + 114.8 WB6ASU (Bear Mountain) “Lodi Repeater” Owned by Fred, WB6ASU, this repeater is at Bear Mountain (aka Mt. Ararat) South of Valley Springs. Wide coverage. Used as the Lodi ARC repeater.

147.165 + 107.2 W6SF (Amador County) “Stockton Repeater” The Stockton-Delta Amateur Radio Club repeater has wide but inconsistent coverage in Stockton and vicinity. Located in the hills of Amador County, East of Stockton.

147.210 + 114.8 N5FDL (Stockton) This repeater, intended to provide handheld coverage in Stockton and mobile coverage works quite well.

1-1/4 Meters

222.140 - 136.5 WD6EJF SARA Mt. Oso
224.600 - 156.7 Condor Mt. Hamilton
224.900 - 156.7 Condor Fresno Goat Mtn.
224.080 - 156.7 K6YOU Modesto IRLP

70 cm

440.225 + 136.5 WD6EJF SARA Mt. Oso
441.325 + 100.0 W6CX Mt. Diablo

443.000 + 114.8 N5FDL (Tracy) Low-level repeater planned for Tracy in early 2013.

443.075 + 107.2 K6IXA Mt. Bullion IRLP

443.825 + 107.2 N5FDL (Mt. Oso) This repeater operates at low-power but has wide coverage. Try it.

444.325 + 94.8 K6KJQ (Stockton) Located on the tower at police headquarters, this repeater covers much of the county and is especially useful handheld in the downtown area. Operated by Glen Pitts, K6KJQ.

444.500  + 114.8 K6TRK (Stockton) Linked to 147.210.

444.575 + 107.2 W6SF (Stockton) Stockton-Delta ARC repeater.

Some repeater locations around San Joaquin County. Click for larger image.